DAARC Ham Help

            This excel calculator calculates guy wire length for tower with three anchors. Computes all wires and allows for adding extra length for practical applications.

      Very useful if you are planning a tower install.  image of excel worksheet below.  12/10/2006


Limited to three anchor towers. Enter the data using excel in the gray fields. Use a zero or null value in 6th if you want a five set system.

The same for 5th and 6th if you want a four set system. Extra wire box for calculating your cut length.


Please double check before cutting wire this is only a beta model. Email victor@kb4tcu.com if you find a error.

p.s.I still need to give credit for the tension text. I cut and pasted. If someone knows email me above  will add 




anchor1 data:   enter the distance from the leg of the tower to the anchor location

anchor2 data    same for 2nd anchors distance from tower leg

anchor3 data    same respectively


tower height data: 1st  enter the proposed or actual height up the tower for the 1st set of wires in the gray area currently noted at 30. That is the height of your first set of wires.

tower height data: 2nd enter the height of the second set of wires from the base of the tower


keep entering the data for the amount of sets you plan to use. If you use 3 sets of wires leave null values or zero for the last three locations.


enter a numerical amount in the single gray box this will add this length to each wire in the lower chart.


the percentage chart is the percentage of the anchor to the guy location on the tower.


Use for planning you tower only. When you start cutting our own wire get out your own pen and paper   a2+b2=c2